Catalog Record: Coates J. Human magnetism, or, How to hypnotise: A practical handbook for students of mesmerism, 1907.  

Title: Human magnetism, or, How to hypnotise : a practical handbook for students of mesmerism / by James Coates.

AccessKey: adlk

Author: Coates, James.

WLM Call Number: WO 391 C652 [190-?] RB

Accession NO.: 846

Publisher: London : L. N. Fowler, [190-?].

Edition: New and rev. ed.

Physical Descrip: xvi, 253 p. ; 10 plates ; 19 cm.

Illustration: Photographs

Language: eng

Subject: Hypnosis.
Subject: Animal Magnetism.
Subject: Suggestion - therapeutic use.

Type of Trace: Cover Title
Title: Human magnetism.

Content Notes: Introduction -- Trance, dream-life, and hypnotic states -- The benefits of hypnotism -- Objections to hypnotism -- Suggestion -- Human magnetism -- How to hypnotise : self preparation -- How to hypnotise : actual practice -- How to hypnotise : phreno-magnetism -- Higher phenomena -- How to heal : Hypnotic and magnetic methods -- Appendix.

General Notes: "Human magnetism, or, How ... " essentially provides restructured content of his earlier work, "Coates's How to Mesmerize."

General Notes: The 1st edition was published in 1897.

General Notes: Digitized in Batch 12 by Northern Micrographics, February 5, 2013.

General Notes: Previous call number BF 1141 C652.

Note Bib: Includes index.

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