Catalog Record: Waters Morton House in Fall

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Title: [The Waters-Morton house in early fall] / Roy Vandam.

Author Vandam, Leroy D. (David), 1914-2004.

Publisher [1980-1996].

Physical Descri: 1 watercolor on rough watercolor paper : color ; visible image 37 x 53 cm., in frame 53 x 73 cm.

Subject: Morton, W. T. G. (William Thomas Green), 1819-1868.

Form/Genre: Paintings.
Form/Genre: Watercolors.

Relationships: Host item
Title : Dr. Leroy Vandam watercolors.

Note type: Abstract
Notes: View of the back of a white three story (+ attic) house with two brick
chimneys, attached carriage house, and workshop or small barn. Blue sky with
the start of fall colors. Not the painting used for the heritage art series
or note cards.

Note type: General
Notes: Selected for the WLM website, 2010.

Note type: General
Notes: One of 8 original watercolors by Dr. Leroy Vandam in the WLM collection.
Double matted, wood frame, with glass. Painting and frame in excellent

Note type: Publications about
Notes: This painting was featured in an Anesthesiology Reflection, in the journal
Anesthesiology, by George Bause, MD (citation: Bause G. Early Fall at the
Waters-Morton House by Vandam. Anesthesiology. 2011;114(3):556.).

Note type: General
Notes: Cataloger constructed title: based on description and the title of The
Waters-Morton House painting used for the art series and note cards.

Note type: Reproduction
Notes: Photographed by Mr. William Lyle, 7/13/2010.

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