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To read the corresponding historical vignette for any image, just click on the image for the PDF as composed by the Wood Library-Museum's Honorary Curator, George S. Bause, M.D., M.P.H. All images and vignettes were published in the journal Anesthesiology and are copyrighted by the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology.

Safecracker Chloroformed
Alexander Bazooka
Bengue Methyl Chloride
Pepper Jenkins Bronze
Waterton Riding Cayman
Ettmuller IV Therapy
Robinson Induction Coil
Beta Eucaine Bottle
Letheon Ad by Morton
Chloroforming Rodents
Colton N2O Broadside
Skeptical Chemist Boyle
Gold Pender Lemon
Chloroform Blues
Emerson Iron Lung
Fries Reviving Apparatus
Cleyer & Acupuncture
Connell War SP
Enemy Sailor Anesthetics
Edison Etherizer
Draeger Pulmotor
Scheele & Fire-Air
Blundell Gravitator
Hingson's Peace Gun
Physician Pulse Watch
Kirschbaum O2 Controller
Withering and Foxglove
Infant Lungmotor
St. Jacob's Oil
De Motu Cordis by Harvey
Darwin Etherizes Flytraps
Lennox Anaesthetic Wand
Wood, Bickley & Avertin
Paul Meyer Wood Portrait
Cotton-Boothby Apparatus
USA's First Anaesthetist
Cordus & Ether Synthesis
Horton Intercoupler
Anesthetics & Asphyxia
Foregger & Connell of NY
Niemeyer's Hyosciamus
Great Lakers' Machines
Fourneau & Stovaine
Noel Gillespie's Diaries
Serturner & Morphine
Final D&S Microcosm
Laennec 1819 Stethoscope
Hales' 1733 Haemastaticks
King's Oxygen Compound
Lungmotor for Adults
CT Jackson in Ballou's
Crawford Long Maquette
Chinese Diagnostic Dolls
De Laurence Hypnosis
Underwood Inspirator
Vandam's Red Barn
Stewart vs Burglary
Gailey Inhaler
Churchill Acupuncture...
Corning vs Headache
Barber vs Nausea
Whitacre New Testament
Jackson's Mountain Gorge
Athlophoros Salicylates
Gwathmey 1914 Text
Vandam's Morton House I
Nevius 1894 Discovery
Olefiant Dollar Ad
Mariani Coca Plant
Vandam's Morton House II
Vandam's Waters Morton...
McMunn's Elixir of Opium
WTGM Lawyer Dana
1850 Anesthesia
Charriere Inhaler
Schneider Synchronizer
Harvey Cushing Stamp
Grandfather Crawford Long
Murphy Chloroform Inhaler
Lazare Anaesthesia Apron
Virginia Apgar Stamp
Crary Calling Card
Redard Blue Light
Crawford Long Stamp
Charlton Rider Tavern
Morton Etherizing Frost
Gillray's Pneumaticks
Irish Patrick Sim
ASA 1st Member Erdmann
Sim Bibliography Cake
WLM Color Seal
Oehmig Ether Monument
SS White at USA's 100th
Vandam's ASA Hdqrs Bldg
Boston Anesthesia System
Liebig on 100 Reichsmark
Vandam's The Barn
Oakley vs Cocaine Libel
Vandam Waters-Morton Fall
Olefiant Gas 2 Dollar Ad
Kersten's Apparatus
Gwathmey Airway Expands
Morton in McClure's
Milton Apparatus
Ironsides & Stereoscope
Fedorova's Pirogov Medal
Panis Apparatus
Sir Humphry Davy Oil
JA Paris' Reckless Davy
Davy's Chemical Elements
Davy Lamp & Miner's Lung
Cooper-Dennis Process
Belskie's John Snow Medal
Hisey Dental's Alvatunder
Ether & Will_Rogers
Siker's Mapleson-Boyle
Peruvian Syrup Ad
Chevalier Jackson Pastel
Terrible Anesthetist Ivan
Jiffy Toothache Drops
McMechans Telegram...
DE Jackson's Rural Scene
Schimmelbusch's US Patent
Multiple Comminuter
Cocaine Paperweight
Haynes Arabian Balsam
Tiny Golden_Rules
Ohio 685A aka The Pig
McCarty Dental Anesthetic
Advertising Teter
"Huron Road" Closes
Reynolds OB Inhaler
Moses Duplex Oxygenator
Dalloz BMC Dragees
Cushing & Riva-Rocci
Winslow's Soothing Syrup
Linus Pauling Stamp


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