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To read the corresponding historical vignette for any image, just click on the image for the PDF as composed by the Wood Library-Museum's Honorary Curator, George S. Bause, M.D., M.P.H. All images and vignettes were published in the journal Anesthesiology and are copyrighted by the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology.

Brettometer Index A&A
1879 Billiards & N2O
Freud & Orthoform
Sternbach & Arfonad
McKesson Metabolor
Hill of Cocoene
Longnecker Gasometer
Stramonium N2O Extender
Anaesthetist WB Quinn
Crowther N2O in Maryland
Opium & Soap Pills
Polk's Brandy Anesthetic
Kadavy Kan Klamp
Dr Worcester Peach
Bell-cap-sic Puppies
Valerian & Nitrous Oxide
Perry Davis Painkiller
Shurtleff N2O Death
Colton Publishes Everett
Morrisville VT Ether
Coca Cordial
WWI Veterans' Fundraiser
CHCl3 & Sweeping Victoria
Belladonna Basket Bearer
I.W. Stoughton Odontunder
Trendelenburg CHCl3 Cone
Oconee Hill Cemetery
WS_Morrison Chilling TC
Keppler SS Cox N2O Toon
Brooklyn GE Travis N2O TC
US Army 1863 CHCl3 Tin
Painter Douglas Sanders
Marcus & Gledhill N2O
Crawford W. Long Museum
Colon-Morales & Apgar
Hosmer Sleeping Faun
Byzantine Adam & Eve
Liebig Henbane Ad Card
Dental Delight Cocaine
Anchor Pain Expeller
Courville, Aoyagi & ASA
Dewees Inhaler
Endymion by Cornacchini
Quinine & Urea Syringe
AB Cartoon Ran No Risks
Crile & McKesson vs Shock
Sculptor Harriett Hosmer
Rogers & Andrews N2O-O2
Squibb's Ferguson Inhaler
Sprague N2O Generator
Old Franklin College
Denture & Facemask Fit
Shakespearean Deadening
Falstaff & Cassio
Shakespearean Black Blood
The Tempest & Henry IV
Ferdinand & Courtezan
Venus & Adonis
Liebig's Muse Melpomene
Muses Thalia & Erato
Liebig's Muse Terpsichore
Polyhymnia & Euterpe
Muses Clio & Calliope
Liebig's Muse Urania
Restout's 1771 Morpheus
McCarthy's McKesson Book
Emma Long's Oil
H.L. Seher N2O Card
Melancholic Temperament
Sanguine Temperament
Phlegmatic Temperament
Choleric Temperament
Galen's 4 Temperaments
Hippocrates' 4 Humors
Heidbrink AN-A-CIN
R.N. Hudson N2O Cover
Peale Apoplexy in Oil
EH Neiman & Ethyl Cl
Gelett Burgess Bromides
Hasbrouck N2O Caper TC
Charles Pittinger Legacy
Porter's Pain King
A.K. Harroun Bookmark
Sim, Stoeckel & Bause
ML Field's N2O-O2 Blotter
Bonwill Rapid Breathing
H.A. Stoughton’s N2O
Pauling 41-cent Stamp
Seldon's Mesmerist
McKesson Dermalor
F.A. Sweetland N2O TC
Reutlinger's Velpeau CdV
Lennie Stereo of Simpson
Cobb Odontunder Note
Winchell Teething Syrup
Courtneidge N2O 1931 LP
Albany Ruggs N2O TC
Schiller Bldg PGSA
Anglo-French Neocaine
Biblical Seminary Woods
Needham Ether Fire
Balanced Mafutsusan
Hanaoka & Monkshoods
Hanaoka & Moonflowers
Pulpit Clown N2O
Mayo on Long vs. WTGM
Brown Household Panacea
Morton Cigar Box WTGM
Morton Cigar Box Capitol
Morton Cigar Box Alembic
Bonica Anesthesia Manual
F.D. Davis N2O TC
Ether in Salvation Oil
WM Rice- U. & Moonshot
Compound O2 Sailor Ad
Dam Family Gas PC
Salt Ether Inhaler
F.L. Faust Pentothal Bag
McGill Gas Ambiguity
Goldberg Dr. in the House
Liberty SS Harvey Cushing
Figuier's Horace Wells
HF Huffaker N2O Knoxville
Katz O2 Catarrh Treatment
Guthrie Chloroform Still
P-D CHCl3 Throat Discs
Bullet Oscilloscope ECG
Coca Leaf in 1885
S.S. Crawford W. Long
Ben Morgan Wrench
Woodworth's CT Jackson
Wells' Trinity Pew
Burnette N2O Surcharge TC
Camphor vs .Avertin ODs
Haller & Blood Movement
Batchelder Anaesthesia TC
Paul Wood's Collectibles
Hermes' Moly Antidote
Circe's Anticholinergic
Heidbrink Co Wrench
Chevalier Jackson Pastel
Neiman Gas Bookmark
Kimmell N2O Card- 13 yrs
100th Expo's Kimmell N2O
Maltine with Coca Wine
Wachter HANSGEN Bottle
Wachter CHCl3 Dropper
Penacook Parker Anesth.
Littleton AL Parker's Gas
Hasbrouck N2O Card
US Navy Chloroform Bottle
M Gay Defends CT Jackson
Academician Paul M. Wood
Longnecker Asphyxia Card
Paul M. Wood's Bookplate
Wells' Tiffany Glass
Paul Meyer Wood, DSA
Cleveland Ether & O2
Waters’ Hickman Medal
Ether Monument 1869
Paul Meyer Wood, DABA
Colon-Morales LUD Device
Man & His Health Exhibit
I Awaken to Glory
Betcher & Annis Open WLM
Hypnos God of Sleep
Portuguese Museum
Last Paul M Wood Image
Drs Wright & Wood
Bryant & Pres. Cleveland
De la Fuye Acupuncture
I Sleep to Awaken
Esmarch CHCl3 Kit
Wood at Allentown Mess
Tucker Counterirritation
Wells at Cedar Hill
Asylum & Main Wells
Optic Chromatic Anesth.
Liebig Meat Extract
Pan & the Syringe
Liebig- Giessen to Munich
Merck Picrotoxin
PM Wood Learns the Drill
No Liebig Swan Song
Lt PM Wood in 1918
PM Wood in Allentown
Statikil Sparked PM Wood
McMechan 1937 Loving Cup
OW Holmes Poetry
Giessen Prof Liebig
Annis, Betcher & Jackson
Wood-swinging Paul Wood
PJ Flagg Haemoxometer
Liebig vs Apothecary
90-Day Wonders of 1943
GB Snow CHCl3 Mixer
Starkey Compound O2
Liebig from Darmstadt
James Matthews Duncan
Tonalgia Local
Hayes No. 3 Vaporizer
Sim Bibliography
Andrews Oxygen Mixture
Curved Opium Spatulas
Anesthetic in the Dark
20% Cocaine Syringe
Eucaine & Cocaine Sales
Uncle Sam & MGH
Landry Acupuncture
Ethylene-Oxygen Plaque
Cocaine & Eucaine Buys
Under the Ether Cone
Edison's Polyform
Helene Schweitzer
CT Jackson's Grave
OW Holmes, Sr, Obituary
Patton's 1903 Textbook
Wolcott's Pain...
Edmund Andrews Portrait
OJ Cunningham's Apparatus
Souchon Anesthetizer
Curare Blow Gun Quiver
Wood & Hayes' Vaporizer
Poe & Keller's Laudanum
Weeding Out Piso's Cure
Chloroform & MJP Flourens
Faraday Co O2 Cure
Fleming Bros' Crudoform
Egidius' 1484 De Pulsibus
Cotton-Boothby Axis
Bateman's Opium Drops
Rohrig Dropper Device
G Q Colton, Man of Mark
Ethereal Peter Parker
H K Mulford's Analgine
Morris' Copper Kettle
Lincoln v CHCl3 Insanity
Ruffner's N2O - O2
Winslow's Soothing Syrup
Cushing & Riva-Rocci
Dalloz BMC Dragees
Moses Duplex Oxygenator
Reynolds OB Inhaler
Advertising Teter
McCarty Dental Anesthetic
Ohio 685A aka The Pig
Tiny Golden_Rules
Haynes Arabian Balsam
Cocaine Paperweight
Multiple Comminuter
Schimmelbusch's US Patent
DE Jackson's Rural Scene
McMechan to Erdmann
Jiffy Toothache Drops
Terrible Anesthetist Ivan
Chevalier Jackson Pastel
Peruvian Syrup Ad
Siker's Mapleson-Boyle
Ether & Will_Rogers
Hisey Dental's Alvatunder
Belskie's John Snow Medal
Cooper-Dennis Process
Davy Lamp & Miner's Lung
Davy's Chemical Elements
JA Paris' Reckless Davy
Sir Humphry Davy Oil
Panis Apparatus
Fedorova's Pirogov Medal
Ironsides & Stereoscope
Milton Apparatus
Morton in McClure's
Gwathmey Airway Expands
Kersten's Apparatus
Olefiant Gas 2 Dollar Ad
Vandam Waters-Morton Fall
Oakley vs Cocaine Libel
Vandam's The Barn
Liebig on 100 Reichsmark
Boston Anesthesia System
Vandam's ASA Hdqrs Bldg
SS White at USA's 100th
Oehmig Ether Monument
WLM Color Seal
Sim Bibliography Cake
ASA 1st Member Erdmann
Irish Patrick Sim
Gillray's Pneumaticks
Morton Etherizing Frost
Charlton Rider Tavern
Crawford Long Stamp
Redard Blue Light
Crary Calling Card
Virginia Apgar Stamp
Lazare Anaesthesia Apron
Murphy Chloroform Inhaler
Grandfather Crawford Long
Harvey Cushing Stamp
Schneider Synchronizer
Charriere Inhaler
1850 Anesthesia
WTGM Lawyer Dana
McMunn's Elixir of Opium
Vandam's Waters-Morton...
Vandam's Morton House II
Mariani Coca Plant
Olefiant Dollar Ad
Nevius 1894 Discovery
Vandam's Morton House I
Gwathmey 1914 Text
Athlophoros Salicylates
Jackson's Mountain Gorge
Whitacre New Testament
Barber vs Nausea
Corning vs Headache
Churchill Acupuncture...
Gailey Inhaler
Stewart vs Burglary
Vandam's Red Barn
Underwood Inspirator
De Laurence Hypnosis
Chinese Diagnostic Dolls
Crawford Long Maquette
CT Jackson in Ballou's
Lungmotor for Adults
King's Oxygen Compound
Hales' 1733 Haemastaticks
Laennec 1819 Stethoscope
Final D&S Microcosm
Serturner & Morphine
Noel Gillespie's Diaries
Fourneau & Stovaine
Great Lakers' Machines
Niemeyer's Hyosciamus
Foregger & Connell of NY
Anesthetics & Asphyxia
Horton Intercoupler
Cordus & Ether Synthesis
USA's First Anaesthetist
Cotton-Boothby Apparatus
Paul Meyer Wood Portrait
Wood, Bickley & Avertin
Lennox Anaesthetic Wand
Darwin Etherizes Flytraps
De Motu Cordis by Harvey
St. Jacob's Oil
Infant Lungmotor
Withering and Foxglove
Kirschbaum O2 Controller
Physician Pulse Watch
Hingson's Peace Gun
Blundell Gravitator
Scheele & Fire-Air
Draeger Pulmotor
Edison Etherizer
Enemy Sailor Anesthetics
Connell War SP
Cleyer & Acupuncture
Fries Reviving Apparatus
Emerson Iron Lung
Chloroform Blues
Gold Pender Lemon
Skeptical Chemist Boyle
Colton N2O Broadside
Chloroforming Rodents
Letheon Ad by Morton
Beta Eucaine Bottle
Robinson Induction Coil
Ettmuller IV Therapy
Waterton Riding Cayman
Pepper Jenkins Bronze
Bengue Methyl Chloride
Alexander Bazooka
Safecracker Chloroformed


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