NEW WLM Collections Facility

While tracing its origins back nearly a century, the WLM has never owned the space where its collections have been held. This has led to many moves over the years as first one space and then another became unavailable and the WLM needed to move its collections. That changed in September 2022 when the WLM purchased a 20,000+ square foot building located less than half a mile from ASA Headquarters as the crow flies. The building is now in the midst of a renovation project involving roughly half of the space. The renovated area will house collections in an environment that meets current collections space environmental and fire suppression levels. Additionally, the renovation will provide for collections growth, a research area and a new accession processing area. We anticipate this will meet the WLM’s current and anticipated collections space needs for at least several years. The remaining area will undergo phased renovation to meet anticipated space and utilization needs well into the future. The ASA HQ lobby will continue to be the location of most of WLM exhibits. This exciting project helps us further our mission to “Advance Anesthesiology by Preserving and Sharing its Heritage and Knowledge.”

Expect further updates as the project progresses.


Rendering of the exterior of the WLM’s new collection facility.

Rendering of the research area of the WLM’s new collection facility.

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