Board Of Trustees

October, 2018-2019

Board of Trustees Date Elected Term Begins Term Expires
Arnold J. Berry, M.D. August, 2014 October, 2017 October, 2020
Melissa L. Coleman, M.D. March, 2017 October, 2017 October, 2020
N. Martin Giesecke, M.D. March, 2013  October, 2016  October, 2019 
K. Garth Huston, Jr, M.D. March, 2018 October, 2018 October, 2021
Robert E. Johnstone, M.D.   August, 2014 October, 2017 October, 2020 
Linda J. Mason, M.D., FASA August, 2015  October, 2018 October, 2021
William L. McNiece, M.D.   March, 2012  October, 2018 October, 2021
William D. Owens, M.D. March, 2013   October, 2016   October, 2019  
Michael P. Smith, M.D March, 2013  October, 2016 October, 2019

Andrew D. Rosenberg, M.D., FASA, Ex-Officio (ASA Vice President for Scientific Affairs)

William L. McNiece, M.D., President

Michael P. Smith, M.D., Vice President

Robert E. Johnstone M.D., Secretary/Treasurer

George S. Bause, M.D., Hon. Curator

Karen R. Bieterman, Director and Head Librarian

Judy Robins, Museum Registrar

Jim Fortsas, Librarian

Maureen Robst, Administrative Assistant



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