Sage XL. Hypnotism as it is : a book for everybody, 1901.

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Catalog Record: Sage XL. Hypnotism as it is : a book for everybody, 1901.

Title: Hypnotism as it is : a book for everybody / by X. LaMotte Sage.

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Author: Sage, X. LaMotte.

WLM Call Number: WO 390 S129 1901 RB

Accession NO.: 887

Publisher: Rochester, N.Y. : New York State Pub. Co., 1901.

Edition: 6th ed.

Physical Description: 116 p. ; ill. ; 19 cm.

Illustration: Photographs

Subject: Hypnosis.

Content Notes: Nature of hypnotism — The evil effects of hypnotism — Who may be hypnotized — Who should hypnotize — How to become a hypnotist — Benefits of hypnotism — Public exhibitions — Hypnotism and fraud —
Hypnotism and crime — Thought-transference, clairvoyance, etc. — Can a person be hypnotized against his will? — Review of Mr. Ernest Hart’s work on hypnotism, mesmerism and the new witchcraft — Views of the hypnotic magazine — Auto-hypnosis — Superstitions connected with the practice of hypnotism — Similarity of the hypnotic state to natural sleep — The real danger — Cases treated by hypnotic suggestion.

General Notes: Digitized by Northern Micrographics July 21, 2011.

General Notes: Previous call number BF 1141 S129.

General Notes: Cover missing and one page detached. Placed in a protective wrapper/folder.

General Notes: Multiple references to the use of hypnotism for surgery or dentistry.