Board of Trustees

WLM Board 2019

Left to right: Michael Smith, M.D., William Owens M.D., K. Garth Huston, Jr, M.D., Linda Mason, M.D., William McNiece, M.D., Melissa Coleman, M.D., Arnold Berry, M.D., Robert Johnstone, M.D., Not pictured: N. Martin Giesecke, M.D.

October, 2022-2023

Board of Trustees

Date Elected

Term Begins

Term Expires

Arnold J. Berry, M.D. August, 2014 October, 2020 October, 2023
Melissa L. Coleman, M.D. March, 2017 October, 2020 October, 2023
Brian Harrington, M.D. August, 2022 October, 2022 October, 2025
K. Garth Huston, Jr, M.D. March, 2018 October, 2018 October, 2024
Robert E. Johnstone, M.D., FASA August, 2014 October, 2020 October, 2023
Linda J. Mason, M.D., FASA August, 2015 October, 2018 October, 2024
William L. McNiece, M.D. March, 2012 October, 2018 October, 2024
Jane Moon, M.D. August, 2022 October, 2022 October, 2025
Michael P. Smith, M.D March, 2013 October, 2019 October, 2022

William L. McNiece, M.D., President

Michael P. Smith, M.D., Vice President

Robert E. Johnstone M.D., FASA, Secretary/Treasurer

George S. Bause, M.D., Curator Emeritus

Matthew Toland, Director

Judy Robins, Archivist

Maureen Robst, Office and Library Specialist

Amanda Helfers, Museum Specialist



2018 and 2019 Financial Statements and Supplementary Information

2019 Form 990 Income Tax Return

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