AAA Constitution, 1913

The American Society of Anesthesiologists, founded in 1905, is now the largest professional society of its kind in the world.  But it had some growing pains when challengers arose. The American Association of Anesthetists (AAA) was organized in 1912. The following year, it held its first meeting and drafted its Constitution, seen here. The chief object of the AAA was "the advancement of the science and art of anesthesia."  It was the vision of founding member Francis H. McMechan, M.D., to unite physician anesthesiologists throughout the country. He led the creation of affiliated regional societies, and in 1926 AAA changed its name to the Associated Anesthetists of the United States and Canada. AAUSC met jointly with its affiliates and other organizations, and branded these meetings the annual Congress of Anesthetists. In 1941, AAUSC merged with the International Anesthesia Research Society.