Kan Klamp Instructions

Commercially made ether and chloroform were sold in glass containers and in metal cans. After these containers were opened, the liquid contents could evaporate between one use and the next. Cans were closed with a cork or rubber stopper. For anesthetic use, the liquid might have been transferred to a specially made dropper bottle, or a tube could be inserted through the stopper. In 1923, inventor Godfrey J. Kadavy, M.D. (1889-1972) received a patent for his combination dropper and stopper. It had two tubes; one acted as a spout for the administration of ether drop by drop, while the other acted as a fresh air inlet.  Each tube could be used for either purpose.  Between uses the tubes could be screwed shut. Dr. Kadavy owned the  Kan Klamp Company, located in Omaha, Nebraska, from roughly 1923 to 1935.