Henry S. Ruth, M.D.*

Henry S. Ruth, M.D.*


Henry S. Ruth, M.D. was President of the ASA in 1938, Vice President the year previously,
and served for many years on its Board of Directors. He was a member and Chairman of
many committees dealing with a wide range of interests. There are few members of
the American Society of Anesthesiologists who have given so generously and unsparingly
of their time, their efforts, and their ability, as did Dr. Ruth. Early a member of the
Society (his Seniority Number was 221 ), he was first in a great many things.

He was the first editor of Anesthesiology and was largely responsible for establishing the policies
that have made it the respected scientific journal that it is. He served in that capacity until his
retirement but continued his interest by acting as Editor Emeritus. Dr. Ruth was the first
delegate from the Section on Anesthesiology of the American Medical Association to the House
of Delegates of the American Medical Association, and served admirably in that capacity until
press of the Editorship of Anesthesiology required him to eliminate those duties. During his
tenure of office, Dr. Ruth had a wide acquaintanceship in that legislative body and served the
specialty of Anesthesiology faithfully and well. Dr. Ruth did not confine his activities for the
Society to legislative and editorial affairs.

In 1952, Dr. Ruth was voted the ASA Distinguished Service Award recipient. During his tenure of office
as Delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association, Dr. Ruth was most
active in securing a definition of what is the practice of medicine, through the adoption of the
“Hess Report.” Few organizations have been privileged to be the recipient of the services of one
so devoted, unselfish, and able as our own group.

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