Dr. Heidbrink’s Bag

WLMD ID: aram

The leather doctor's bag seen here belonged to dentist, inventor and manufacturer Jay A. Heidbrink, D.D.S. (1875-1957.) When he graduated from the University of Michigan Dental College in 1901, he had already suffered two excruciating surgeries without anesthetics, and was resolved "to dedicate myself to effective and safe anesthesia." He bought a Teter anesthesia machine in 1903. Dissatisfied, he altered it several times for use in his dental practice. By 1910, he had built an entirely new machine for himself, and his colleagues began asking him to make one for them. Soon afterward, he founded his manufacturing company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Dr. Heidbrink's many inventions included oxygen masks for aviation and oxygen tents, as well as anesthesia equipment. Among the company's successful anesthesia machines were the Anesthetizer, the Airator, the Lundy-Rochester, the Kinet-O-Meter and the Simplex. He was also in demand as a teacher, instructing colleagues and students in his techniques. Embossed "Dr. Jay A. Heidbrink, Minneapolis", this bag likely carried patent documents, equipment prototypes, lecture notes and, since he was known for frugality, perhaps a sack lunch as well.

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