Dräger Narkomed 6400

WLMD ID: arbi

Drägerwerk AG was founded in Lubeck, Germany in 1889; the name is often anglicized as "Draeger". The company produced its first anesthesia apparatus in 1902, and grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of anesthesia equipment in the world. In 1968, the subsidiary company North American Dräger (NAD) was founded in Telford, Pennsylvania. NAD incorporated some Draeger parts in its equipment. NAD introduced the Narkomed anesthesia machine in 1972. It was the first in a series of NAD's Narkomed models, which continued through the Model 6000. The 6000 incorporated the Draeger Divan piston ventilator. Around 2001, NAD merged with another Dräger subsidiary to form Dräger Medical Systems, Inc. The new company continued making the Narkomed 6000.

In 2004, Draeger Medical introduced an enhanced version of the 6000 model: the Narkomed 6400. This machine incorporated the Divan ventilator with multiple settings, a positive-end expiratory pressure (PEEP) valve, oxygen fail-safe protection, pressure alarms and audible signals of changes in the patient's respiration. The machine monitored the inhalation agents in use, and tracked the amount of gas usage. Options included an Integrated Patient Monitoring Module and an auxiliary video component. All of these features were controlled through a 15" touchscreen.

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