Foregger Military Intubation Set

WLMD ID: amev

USS Ranger (CVA 61) Intubation Set                  

This intubation set was salvaged from the USS Ranger (CVA 61) shortly before the vessel was decommissioned in 1993. The USS Ranger was a Forrestal class aircraft carrier. Launched on September 29, 1956, it held a crew of 3,826 and displaced approximately 56,300 tons of water when afloat. It served in operations in the Tonkin Gulf during the Vietnam Conflict, as well as in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. The Ranger earned 13 battle stars for its service in Vietnam. The aircraft carrier was also known for its appearances in popular media, including the TV show The Six Million Dollar Man and the movie Top Gun.

The set was manufactured by The Foregger Company. The aluminum case contained a folding Foregger laryngoscope handle, four Macintosh laryngoscope blades (sizes 1-4), blade light bulbs, various metal connectors and adaptors, a catheter stop, a finger valve for suction, a copper stylet and one Magill forceps. Held in the upper half of the case is one clear plastic suction catheter, along with three red-rubber endotracheal (ET) tubes made by Foregger and ten transparent plastic ET tubes, sizes 5.5 mm to 10.0 mm. The clear tubes appear to have been manufactured by the National Catheter Corporation. None of the ET tubes have an integrated cuff. Instead, eight rubber inflatable endotracheal cuffs were provided separately.

This set was donated to the WLM by Bruce Boswell, D.O., CAPT (Ret.), MC, USNR.

Catalog Record: Foregger Military Intubation Set

Access Key: amev

Accession No.: 2015-04-06-1

Title: [Foregger endotracheal set made for U.S. military.]

Corporate Author: Foregger Company.

Title variation: Alt Title
Title: Intubation kit.

Title variation: Alt Title
Title: U.S. Military intubation set from USS Ranger (CVA 61).

Publisher: [Roslyn Heights, New York] : The Foregger Co., Inc., [between 1956 and 1975].

Physical Descript: 1 intubation set : metals, plastics, rubber, paper, glass ; 8 x 34.5 x 22 cm.

Subject: Intubation, Intratracheal – instrumentation.
Subject: Airway Management – instrumentation.
Subject: Military Medicine – history – United States.

Note Type: General
Notes: Descriptive title taken from the WLM Museum Registrar’s accession record.

Note Type: General
Notes: The early year in the date range for the possible year of manufacture is
based on the date that the USS Ranger was launched, September 29, 1956. The
actual date of manufacture may be years later than 1956. The sizes of the
endotracheal tube cuffs in this kit are indicated in mm, rather than French
sizes. Foregger catalogs used French sizes for endotracheal tube cuff until
at least 1960. The earliest catalog that the WLM has in which mm size is used
for cuffs in the 1962 catalog. Endotracheal tubes are marked mostly in French
sizes in the 1962 catalog, but a few are marked in both mm and French sizes.
The end year in the date range for the possible year of manufacture is a
generous estimate based on the fact that not all of the equipment in the kit
was still offered by Foregger in 1978, as indicated in their 1978 price list.
The end date is also based on the donor’s belief that this kit was stocked on
the vessel since the year it was commissioned (1957). The date range could
change if documentation, or expert opinion, indicates that it should be

Note Type: Not Applicable
Notes: Accession record 2015-04-06-1. Archives. Located at: the Wood Library-Museum
of Anesthesiology, Schaumburg, Illinois.

Note Type: Citation
Notes: Anesthesia Apparatus. Roslyn Heights, N.Y.: Foregger Co. Inc.; 1962:47-66.
[This catalog contains all of the equipment in the kit.]

Note Type: Citation
Notes: Catalog No. 14. New York: The Foregger Company, Inc.; 1956:110-128. [This
catalog contains all of the equipment in the kit except for the transparent
endotracheal tubes.]

Note Type: Citation
Notes: Catalog No. 15. New York: The Foregger Company, Inc.; 1959:96. [This catalog
contains all of the equipment in the kit. The cuff and tube sizes however are
listed in French sizes while the equipment in the kit is marked in mm.]

Note Type: Citation
Notes: Foregger Hospital Price List: Equipment, Accessories & Disposables. Allentown
PA: Puritan-Bennett Corporation, 1978. [This price list does not include all
of the pieces held in the kit.]

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Notes: USS Ranger, aircraft carrier in ‘Top Gun,’ begins its final journey. Seattle
Pos-Intelligencer website. https://www.seattlepi.
Published March 5, 2015. Accessed October 1, 2015.

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Notes: USS Ranger CV 61. U.S. Carriers website.
Accessed September 10, 2015.

Note Type: Citation
Notes: USS Ranger (CVA 61). American’s Navy website.
mil/navydata/nav_legacy.asp?id=66. Updated March 4, 2015. Accessed October 1,

Note Type: Physical Description
Notes: One intubation kit in an aluminum[?] case; The case is painted Army green;
The measurements in the physical description field were taken with the case
closed; If the case is open, as if for display, the measurement is
approximately 20 x 34.5 x 37 cm; This of course will vary depending on how
the case is positioned; Inside the bottom half of the case, are blue felt
lined blocks that are molded to snugly hold the pieces of equipment in the
case; The pieces held in the bottom of the case include (from left to right
and top to bottom) a folding Foregger laryngoscope handle, four Macintosh
laryngoscope blades, sizes 1-4, a catheter stop, two Foregger curved catheter
connectors with suction tube nipples, five light bulbs for the laryngoscope
blades; one Foregger universal catheter Y adapter, eight inflatable
endotracheal tube cuffs, each in a separate paper envelope, seven straight
connectors, one angular finger valve for insufflation and suction, one
flexible copper stylet, and one Magill forceps; The number and sizes of the
cuffs, as marked on the outside of the envelope are as follows: two 5.0 mm to
6.5 mm, three 7.0 to 8.5 mm, and 3 9.0-10.0 mm; On the inside of the upper
half of the case is a clear plastic partition that holds 13 endotracheal
tubes and one suction catheter; Ten of the endotracheal tubes are made of
transparent plastic and Magill like in shape; The sizes of these include the
following: two 5.5 mm Oral, two 7.0 mm Oral, two 8.0 mm Oral, two 9.0 mm oral
and two 10.0 mm Oral; All of the transparent catheters are also marked with
“NCC”; This may be an abbreviation for National Catheter Corporation; The
case is hinged in the back, and in front it has two latches and a handle; The
US Army Medical Corp caduceus is stenciled on the top of the case in black
along with the following alpha numeric code: FSN 6515-299-8687.

Note Type: Reproduction
Notes: Photographed for the WLM by Mr. Steve Donisch, June 4, 2015.

Note Type: Acquisition
Notes: Donated by anesthesiologist Bruce Boswell, D.O., CAPT (Tet.), MC, USNR.

Note Type: Exhibition
Notes: Selected for the WLM website (noted September, 2015).