Foregger Texette

WLMD ID: arbh

The Foregger Company was founded in New York City in 1914, and made a wide range of anesthesia equipment for next five decades. One of the most popular of its anesthesia machines was the Texas Model. In 1952 the Texas was re-engineered to incorporate the new and highly accurate Copper Kettle Vaporizer, together with flowmeters for vaporized liquid anesthetics and an emergency oxygen flush valve.

Foregger introduced the Texette, a compact version of the Texas Model, in 1960. A platform behind and slightly below the narrow tabletop held the vaporizers. The Texette shown here is equipped with ball flowmeters that were calibrated for oxygen, nitrous oxide and cyclopropane, as well as the liquid agents, halothane (trade name Fluothane) and ether. Together with oxygen, only one anesthetic gas or liquid agent could be used at a time. In 1962, the year that Foregger issued its last full catalog, the Texette was discontinued.

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