Foretrend 110

WLMD ID: arao

Richard von Foregger, Ph.D. (1872-1960) founded The Foregger Company in New York City in 1914. Under his close personal management, the firm became an influential maker of a wide range of anesthesia equipment. His death in 1960 spelled the beginning of the end for the company. In 1967, Foregger introduced the last generation of its anesthesia machines, the Foretrend line. The following year the company was acquired by Hillman Coal and Coke Company, of Pittsburgh, PA. In 1969 Hillman sold it to Air Products, Inc., of Allentown, PA, and in 1978 Air Products sold it to Puritan-Bennett Corporation, of Langhorne, PA. Throughout these changes in ownership, Foregger continued to manufacture its Foretrend machines. Puritan-Bennett dissolved the Foregger Company in 1984.

Shown here is a Foretrend Model 110, which could administer the gases oxygen, nitrous oxide and cyclopropane. It could be purchased with a built-in Copper Kettle vaporizer and up to three add-on vaporizers, for liquid agents such as halothane, methoxyflurane or enflurane. Another of its built-in features is an oxygen flush valve. It is equipped with a Foregger 910 Anesthesia Ventilator, which was made in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

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