Heidbrink Junior

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American dentist and inventor Jay Heidbrink, D.D.S. (1875-1957) founded a company to manufacture anesthesia equipment of his own design in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Heidbrink Anesthetizer was patented in 1914. The Heidbrink Junior is one of numerous modifications of the Anesthetizer, and was available in several configurations. The first model of the Junior could administer ether, oxygen and nitrous oxide. The model shown here could administer ether, oxygen and, at the anesthesiologist's choice, either nitrous oxide or ethylene gas.

The use of ethylene as a general anesthetic was introduced in 1923 by Arno B. Luckhardt, M.D. (1885-1957), at the University of Chicago. The following year, at the request of John S. Lundy, M.D. (1894-1973), Heidbrink made one of the first machines calibrated to administer ethylene. The more compact Junior was manufactured from the 1920s through the 1940s.

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