McKesson Model G

WLMD ID: arbj

The Toledo Technical Appliance Company (TTA) was founded around 1910 by Elmer I. McKesson, M.D. (1881-1935). TTA made anesthesia machines of Dr. McKesson's own design. These became so well-known as "McKesson apparatus" that the firm changed its name to the McKesson Appliance Company in 1930. The Model G was on the market by 1918, and was available in many configurations. Like McKesson's first anesthesia machine, the Intermittent Flow Apparatus, the example shown here has a stand that is integrated with the carrying case.

The Model G was equipped with a re-breathing attachment, which combined the ether vapor with the patient's exhaled carbon dioxide using a calibrated scale. It also had an emergency oxygen valve to bypass the anesthetic gas and deliver pure oxygen for quick resuscitation. The apparatus could deliver ether vapor, and the gases oxygen and nitrous oxide. By 1925, the Model G could also deliver ethylene gas, and had an optional electric ether warmer. The model G continued in production through 1930, when it was superseded by the McKesson Nargraf machine.

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