Ohio No. 8 Vaporizer

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The Ohio Chemical and Manufacturing Company, and its successors, made the popular line of Kinet-O-Meter anesthesia machines from the late 1930s through the 1960s. The No. 8 Vaporizer was a standard feature on all Kinet-O-Meter models. The vaporizer features a control dial, bypass valve, and a large wick made of cotton strings stretched over a metal drum. The control dial on top of the vaporizer could be set to direct some of the gas from the machine's tanks into the jar. That portion of the gas which flowed into the jar picked up the vapors of liquid agent from the wick, and the mixture was directed upwards again to join those gases which bypassed the jar. The jar could be tall or short, and made of clear or amber glass. Originally calibrated for ether, later models were used to deliver trichloroethylene (Trilene), halothane (Fluothane), or methyoxyflurane (Penthrane). All these variations were called the "No. 8."

Catalog Record: Ohio No. 8 Vaporizer

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Title: [Ohio No. 8 Vaporizer.]

Corporate Author: Ohio Medical Products.

Publisher: Madison, Wis. : Ohio Chemical & Mfg Co., [197-].

Physical Description: 1 vaporizer : cotton, glass, nickel plated brass? ; 28 x 9 x 12 cm.

Subject: Vaporizers.
Subject: Ether, Ethyl.
Subject: Methoxyflurane.
Subject: Fluroxene.
Subject: Anesthesia, Inhalation.

Note Type: General
Notes: Title verified by Dorsch & Dorsch (1975).

Note Type: Citation
Notes: Dorsch JA, Dorsch SE. Understanding Anesthesia Equipment: Construction, Care
and Complications. Baltimore: Williams & Wilkins Co. 1975:120-122.

Note Type: Physical Description
Notes: Vaporizer is comprised of a metal (nickel plated brass?) head unit, a glass
jar, and a cotton wick; The head unit includes an inlet and outlet, a filling
port, control lever, scale labeled “Shut”, 1 thru 9, and “Full Open”, and a
bypass valve that is not visible (Dorsch & Dorsch, 1975); The glass jar is
marked with lines indicating ounces and cc’s; A line also marks the maximum
volume: “Do Not Fill Above This Line”; Inside the glass jar is a cotton wick
suspended from the head of the vaporizer.

Note Type: Reproduction
Notes: Photographed by Mr. William Lyle July 13, 2010.