Paul Meyer Wood

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Paul Wood, M.D. 1894 - 1963

The establishment of the Wood Library-Museum was based on the personal collection of its founder, Dr. Paul M. Wood. Following family tradition, Dr. Wood developed a collecting instinct which grew out of a love for books. Early in his career, Dr. Wood recognized the scarcity of old anesthesia literature. At great expense and through his association with pioneer anesthesiologists, he collected and built a valuable library-museum of anesthesiology.

In the early 1930s, Dr. Wood formally presented his personal library-museum to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). The naming of the Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology coincided with Dr. Wood's appointment by the Society as permanent librarian-curator.

Dr. Wood was instrumental in soliciting space from Squibb & Sons in New York where the library-museum was housed from 1937-1947. Incorporation of the Wood Library-Museum as a nonprofit educational institution officially occurred in 1950 in the state of New York. Until 1963, when it was officially dedicated in Park Ridge, Illinois, the library-museum was housed in several makeshift locations. Upon merging with ASA in 1971, the New York incorporation was dissolved, making it a section of the society. In 1987, the incorporation of the Wood Library-Museum as a nonprofit organization in Illinois under the auspices of ASA renewed its commitment to the historical, educational and archival preservation of the heritage of anesthesiology.

Catalog Record: Paul Meyer Wood

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Title: Paul Meyer Wood, M.D. 1897-1963 / Bachrach.

Author: Bachrach. Louis Fabian, Jr., 1917-2010.

Corporate auth: Bachrach Studios.

Publisher: [1960-1986].

Physical Descri: 1 oil painting? : color ; visible image 57 x 48 cm., in frame 84 x 74 cm.

Subject: Wood, Paul M., 1894-1963.
Subject: Anesthesiologists.

Form/Genre: Portraits.
Form/Genre: Oil paintings.

Note type: Action
Notes: Hung in the entrance to the original gallery until October, 2010, when that
space was remodeled. Re-hung in the new gallery on May 17, 2011. Removed
in September, 2012, to prevent damage from a leak. Wrapped and stored in
the WLM Director’s office.

Note type: General
Notes: Title from plate on frame.

Note type: Abstract
Notes: Dr. Paul M. Wood, relaxed and leaning on the back of a chair with his left
arm. His right hand holds rolled up papers or perhaps a journal. Appears to
be a painting based on a photograph. A signature in the lower right corner
reads, “Bachrach.” It is not clear whether Bachrach is the painter or

Note type: General
Notes: The agreement to commission an oil painting of Dr. Wood appears in the
December 29, 1960 WLM meeting minutes, but does not seem to be mentioned in
the minutes again. An inventory by Patrick Sim, Librarian, on Sept. 2, 1987
includes the painting.

Note type: Publications about
Notes: This painting was featured in an Anesthesiology Reflection, in the journal
Anesthesiology, by George Bause, MD (citation: Bause G. Portrait of Paul M.
Wood, M.D. Anesthesiology. 2009;111(4):689.).

Note type: General
Notes: Selected for the WLM website, 2010.

Note type: Reproduction
Notes: Photographed by Mr. William Lyle, 7/13/2010.

Note type: General
Notes: Wood frame with linen mat and glass. Due to frame and glass, unable to
discern with certainty that the image is the original painting commissioned
by the WLM. Oil or acrylic painting of photograph. Image and frame in
excellent condition. “Bachrach” in lower right corner. The photographer of
the image was Bachrach. The artist to paint over the photograph is unknown.

Note type: Publications about
Notes: This painting was featured in the 2013 Anesthesiology Calendar (May).