Bersot E. Mesmer et le magnétisme animal, 1853.

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Catalog Record: Bersot E. Mesmer et le magnétisme animal, 1853.

Title:  Mesmer et le magnétisme animal / par Ernest Bersot.

AccessKey:  accb
Author:  Bersot, Ernest, 1816-1880.

WLM Call Number:  WO 391 B455 1853 RB

Accession NO.:  8116

Publisher:  Paris : L. Hachette et cie, 1853.

Physical Descrip:  192 p. ; 17 cm.

Language:  fre
Subject:  Animal Magnetism – history.
Subject:  Mesmer, Franz Anton, 1734-1815.
Subject:  Somnambulism.
Subject:  Animal Magnetism.
Subject:  Mesmerism.

Content Notes:  Pt. 1. Histoire [History] — Pt. 2. Questions et doutes sur le magnetisme animal. [Questions and doubts about animal magnetism]

General Notes:  Spine cracked and broken.  Pages falling out.  Placed on Conservation Shelf on February 8, 2013.

General Notes:  Bibliotheque des chemins de fer.  Septieme serie.

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