Binet A and Féré C. Animal Magnetism, 1887.

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Catalog Record: Binet A and Féré C. Animal Magnetism, 1887.



Title:  Animal magnetism / by Alfred Binet and Charles Féré.

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Author:  Binet, Alfred, 1857-1911.
Author:  Féré, Charles Samson, 1852-1907,

WLM Call Number:  WO 391 B612 1887 RB
Accession NO.:  1737
Publisher:  London : K. Paul, Trench, 1887.

Physical Descrip:  vi, [2], 378 p. : ill. ; 20 cm.

Language:  English

Subject:  Animal Magnetism – history.
Subject:  Hypnosis – methods.
Subject:  Hypnosis, Anesthetic.
Subject:  Hypnosis.
Subject:  Hypnosis – therapeutic use.

Series Title:  The International scientific series ;
Series Number:  v. 60

Type of Trace:  Translation Of
Title:  Le magnétisme animal.

Abstract:  The first three chapters of this work discuss the history of animal magnetism.  beginning with Mesmer’s theory and practice of animal magnetism.  Included in this section is the secret report of the Royal Commission written by Bailly to the King, suggesting the danger of immorality in the practice of mesmerism.  Next, the authors discuss the period from 1820 to 1840  which was considered the academic era of animal magnetism during which numerous experiments on animal magnetism were conducted in hospitals.  The investigation of animal magnetism by the Commision of the Academy of Medicine is discussed.  Last, the third period of the history of animal magnetism which saw the emergence of hypnotism through the works of Manchester surgeon James Braid is discussed.  The authors make an interesting observation on the anesthetic property of hypnotism, suggesting that hypnotic anesthesia never rivaled chloroform anesthesia because surgeons at the time were not aware of the fact that suggestion could be used to produce

Content Notes:  Chapter XI, Paralysis by suggestion : anaesthesia [p.304].
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