Carter RK. The sleeping car

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Catalog Record: Carter RK. The sleeping car

Title: The sleeping car “Twilight”, or, Motherhood without pain. The whole truth about “Twilight sleep” and the new anesthesia; the marvelous French discovery, the most wonderful of all; and a special chapter for every man on the conquest of pain / Russell Kelso Carter.

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Author: Carter, Russell Kelso.

WLM Call Number: WO 450 C32 1915 RB

Accession NO.: Copy 1, 1960 ; Copy 2, 1962.

Publisher: Boston : Chapple Pub., 1915.

Physical Description: 181 p. ; 20 cm.

Subject: Analgesia, Obstetrical.
Subject: Twilight Sleep.
Subject: Obstetrics.
Subject: Anesthesia, Obstetrical.

Type of Trace: Cover Title
Title: The sleeping car “Twilight”, or, Motherhood without pain.

Abstract: The author discusses and encourages the use of either H-M-C (hyoscine,
morphine, and cactin) or scopolamine and morphine to control the pain
of childbirth.

Content Notes: Importance of the subject — The sleeping car “twilight” — Dangers and
objections — Remarks — The conquest of pain – A chapter for all men
and women — Appendix.

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