Cocke JR. Hypnotism : how it is done ; its uses and dangers, 1894.

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Catalog Record: Cocke JR. Hypnotism : how it is done ; its uses and dangers, 1894.

Title: Hypnotism : how it is done ; its uses and dangers / by James R. Cocke.

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Author: Cocke, James R. (James Richard), d. 1900.

WLM Call Number: WO 390 C666 1864 RB

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Publisher: Boston : Arena Pub., 1894.

Physical Description: 373 p. ; 20 cm.

Subject: Psychotherapy.
Subject: Hypnosis – methods.
Subject: Hypnosis, Anesthetic.
Subject: Hypnosis – therapeutic use.

Abstract: Cocke provides broad coverage of the subject and is quite thorough for the work’s date.

Content Notes: A definition of hypnotism and allied terms, together with considerations of what the hypnotic condition is — The effect of hypnotism upon the special senses — Auto-hypnotism — How to detect the attempted simulation of the hypnotic state — The dangers attending the practice of hypnotism — Hypnotism in the lower animals — The curative power of hypnotism — Method of applying hypnotism in disease — hypnotism in surgery — The value of hypnotism and therapeutic suggestion in the cure of dipsomania (chronic drunkenness), morphio-mania (the morphine habit), and the other drug habits — Hypnotism and a cure of illusions and hallucinations — The application of hypnotism to functional and organic disease in general — Neurasthenia — Transference of sensation by means of magnet — The relation of sleep and its accompanying dreams to the phenomena of hypnotism, and the hallucination in that state — Telepathy, thought-transference, mind reading — Introduction and general considerations — Theories of hypnotism — A condensed sketch of the history of hypnotism.

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General Notes: Although this work does not deeply discuss hypnosis for use to control pain, or for dental or surgical procedures, there are references to it on a number of pages including 11, 95, 96, 101, 179, 283, 304, and 329.

Note Bib: Includes bibliographical references (p. 333-357) and index.