Deleuze JPF. Histoire critique du magnétisme animal, 1813.

WLMD ID: acki

Catalog Record: Deleuze JPF. Histoire critique du magnétisme animal, 1813.

Title: Histoire critique du magnétisme animal / par J.P.F. Deleuze.

AccessKey: acki

Author: Deleuze, J. P. F. (Joseph Philippe François), 1753-1835.

WLM Call Number: WO 391 D348h 1813 RB

Accession NO.: 7920

Publisher: Paris : Mame, 1813.

Physical Descrip: 2 v. in 1 ; 21 cm.

Language: fre

Provenance: The two copies in the WLM collection are identical first editions; copy RB7920 contains a 14 page preface not found in the other copy. The two volumes have separate title pages and paginations.

Subject: Animal Magnetism – Abstracts.
Subject: Animal Magnetism – methods.
Subject: Somnambulism.
Subject: Animal Magnetism – France.
Subject: Mesmerism.

Abstract: This is Deleuze’s first work on animal magnetism and represents more than two decades of reading, observation and reflection on the subject. The first volume deals with methods and phenomena of animal magnetism. The second reviews leading French works on the subject to as late as 1812.

Content Notes: Premiere partie [298 p.] — Seconde partie [335 p.]

General Notes: Needs spine, cover, and page repair — placed on Conservation Shelf on February 8, 2013.

General Notes: Digitized in Batch 12 by Northern Micrographics, February 5, 2013.

Note Bib: Vol. 2 consists of abstracts of works on animal magnetism.