Faure G. Considérations pratiques sur l’anesthésie obstétricale, 1866.

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Catalog Record: Faure G. Considérations pratiques sur l’anesthésie obstétricale, 1866.

Title: Considérations pratiques sur l’anesthésie obstétricale / par Gustave Faure.

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Author: Faure, Gustave.

WLM Call Number: WO 450 F265 1866 RB

Accession NO.: 1982

Publisher: Paris : Adrien Delahaye, 1866.

Physical Description: 62 p. ; 22 cm.

Language: fre

Subject: Analgesia, Obstetrical.
Subject: Obstetrics.
Subject: Anesthesia, Obstetrical.

Type of Trace: Translation Of
Title: Practical considerations on obstetric anesthesia.

Abstract: Faure begins the work with short historical account of James Young Simpson’s first application of obstetric anesthesia, and of other notable events, mostly French. The physiology of obstetric anesthesia, its influence on the health of the mother and the child, and indications and contraindications of obstetric anesthesia are discussed. The author concludes that anesthesia can decrease labor pain without significantly interfering with uterine contractions, but must be used prudently. He also suggests a few guidelines for the administration of obstetric anesthesia.

Content Notes: Préliminaires historiques — Compatibilité de l’anesthésie avec les phénomènes physiologiques de l’accouchement — Influence que l’anesthésie exerce sur la santé de la mère et sure celle de l’enfant — Indications et contre-indications de l’anesthésie obstétricale — Des règles qui président a l’administration des anesthési : ques dans les accouchements.

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