Hellman AM. Amnesia and analgesia in parturition (twilight sleep), 1915.

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Catalog Record: Hellman AM. Amnesia and analgesia in parturition (twilight sleep), 1915.

Title: Amnesia and analgesia in parturition (twilight sleep) by Alfred M. Hellman …

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Author: Hellman, Alfred M. (Alfred Myer), 1880-1955.

WLM Call Number: WO 450 H476 1915 RB

Accession NO.: 564

Publisher: New York : Paul B. Hoeber, 1915.

Physical Description: 197 p. : forms ; 20 cm.

Provenance: With Paul M. Wood’s bookplate, Inscribed on half title: “To Mrs. J. J.
Hammer, from her brother, the author, Alfred M. Hellman.”

Subject: Analgesia, Obstetrical.
Subject: Twilight Sleep.
Subject: Scopolamine.
Subject: Obstetrics.
Subject: Anesthesia, Obstetrical.

Content Notes: History of scopolamine in obstetrics with a review of some of the
literature — The Freiburg technique of Twilight Sleep — Controversy
between Freiburg and Berlin — Chemistry and pharmacology of
scopolamine — Further review of the literature, with special reference
to Twilight Sleep in England — Twilight Sleep in America and results
of a questionnaire — Some theoretical considerations of Twilight Sleep
— Case reports with statistics — Other methods of painless childbirth
— conclusions — specimen charts.

General Notes: Available in PDF via Google Books (8/13/2009).
Digitized by Northern Micrographics November 30, 2011.

General Notes: Signed by the author.

General Notes: Blank sample documentation forms (specimen charts) include scopolamine
and morphine during labor, scopolamine, narkophen, twilight sleep,
charts for recording details of labor, and Twilight Sleep record.

Note Bib: Bibliography (p. 177-187) and index.