Hutchinson AM. Hypnotism made plain.

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Catalog Record: Hutchinson AM. Hypnotism made plain.

Title: Hypnotism made plain / A.M. Hutchinson.

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Author: Hutchinson, A. M.

WLM Call Number: WO 390 H980 RB

Accession NO.: 0848

Publisher: Girard, Kan. : Haldeman-Julius Co., [19-?].

Physical Description: 96 p. ; 13 cm.

Document Type: Pamphlet

Subject: Suggestion.
Subject: Hypnosis – methods.
Subject: Hypnosis – history.
Subject: Hypnosis – therapeutic use.

Series Title: Ten cent pocket series.
Series Number: 92

Content Notes: History of hypnotism – Methods of inducing hypnosis – Phenomena of hypnotism – Suggestion – Theories of hypnotism – Self-suggestions – Medical treatment – Education of children – Education of oneself.

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