Poe EA. Mesmerism

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Catalog Record: Poe EA. Mesmerism  

Title: Mesmerism “in articulo mortis” : an astounding & horrifying narrative,
shewing the extraordinary power of mesmerism in arresting the progress
of death / by Edgar A. Poe.

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Author: Poe, Edgar Allan.

WLM Call Number: WO 391 P750 1846 RB

Accession NO.: 8925

Publisher: London : Short & Co., 1846.

Physical Descrip: 16 p. ; 22 cm.

Language: eng

Subject: Mesmerism – therapeutic use.
Subject: Spiritualism.
Subject: Somnambulism – therapeutic use.

Type of Trace: Reprinted from
Title: American Magazine.

Abstract: Poe writes an account of a dying man being mesmerized shortly before
his death, who was kept alive for nearly seven months. The subject was
Ernest Valdemar of “Haarlem”, New York, a known bibliographer and
friend of Poe.

General Notes: First published in The American Magazine v. 2, no. 12 (Dec. 1845) as:
The facts of M. Valdemar’s case. Cf. Heartman, C.F. Poe (rev. ed.), p.

General Notes: Poe attributes mesmerism with a mysterious flavor that gives the
impression that it is of occult nature, allied with astrology, fortune
telling and spiritualism.