Sudduth WX. The present scientific status of hypnotism, 1895.

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Catalog Record: Sudduth WX. The present scientific status of hypnotism, 1895.

Title: The present scientific status of hypnotism / by W. Xavier Sudduth.

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Author: Sudduth, W. Xavier.

WLM Call Number: WO 390 Su21 1895 RB

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Publisher: Chicago : McCluer Printing Co., [1895].

Physical Descrip 21p. ; 23 cm.

Subject: Anesthesia in dentistry.
Subject: Hypnosis – methods.
Subject: Hypnosis, Anesthetic.
Subject: Hypnosis – therapeutic use.
Subject: Hypnosis – United States.

Type of Trace: Reprinted from
Title: Dental Review, 1895.

Abstract: In this reprint, Sudduth observes that research on hypnotism in his time was almost exclusively related to its therapeutic value and there was little research on its anesthetic and analgesic properties. As a dentist, Sudduth was especially sensitive to the anesthetic and analgesic value of hypnotism. Noting that dentistry gave nitrous oxide, gas and ether to surgery, he was confident that again dentistry was in the forefront of hypnotic analgesia.

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