Boothby WM. Nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia, with a description of a new apparatus, 1911.

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Catalog Record: Boothby WM. Nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia, with a description of a new apparatus, 1911.

Title: Nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia, with a description of a new apparatus / by Walter M. Boothby.

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Author: Boothby, Walter M. 1880-1953.

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Publisher: Boston : [s.n.], 1911.

Physical Description: 15 p. : 1 plate ; 23 cm.

Subject: Oxygen – therapeutic use.
Subject: Oxygen Inhalation Therapy.
Subject: Nitrous Oxide.

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Title: Nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia.

Abstract: Boothby discusses the use of oxygen with nitrous oxide as an important
development. He mentions the work of Chicago surgeon Edmund Andrews
(who in 1868 reported his success in prolonging nitrous oxide
anesthesia by adding oxygen), physiologist Paul Bert (who administered
nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia by placing his patient in a pressurized
chamber and raising the barometric pressure), and Klinkowitsch (who
mixed nitrous oxide and oxygen in a 80% to 20% ratio in a gasometer).
Boothby describes the mechanical difficulties dispensing a mixture of
nitrous oxide and oxygen, and his work with Cotton to devise an
apparatus that (1) assures even flow of nitrous oxide – oxygen (2)
mixes gases in a desirable ratio (3) includes a mechanism to add ether
to achieve relaxation, and (4) warms the gases.

Content Notes: Historical review — Summary of the physiological and clinical facts to
be considered in modern surgical anesthesia — Description of a new
apparatus which eliminates the mechanical and operative difficulties of
administration — Conclusions.

General Notes: Boothby’s interest in nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia was instigated by
his co-worker F. J. Cotton who had seen the same gas used successfully
at the Cleveland Clinic by nurse anesthetist Agatha Cobourg Hodgins
under the direction of George Crile. Boothby and F. J. Cotton helped to
further interest in the administration of nitrous oxide with oxygen.

General Notes: Read by Boothby at the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Medical
Society on June 13, 1911.

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