Petit M-A. Discours sur la douleur, 1798.

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Catalog Record: Petit M-A. Discours sur la douleur, 1798.

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Title: Discours sur la douleur / par Marc-Antoine Petit.

Author: Petit, Marc-Antoine, 1766-1811.

WLM Call Number: On new acquisition shelf / WL 704 P445 1798

Accession NO.: RB1404

Publisher: Lyon : Chez Reymann et Comp.e, [1797, 1798, or 1799].

Edition: [First edition.]

Physical Descrip: 93 pages : 20 cm.

Language: fre

Subject: Pain.

Abstract: “First edition of one of the earliest works devoted to the problem of
pain. The use of the guillotine during the French Revolution sparked a
scientific debate as to whether some sort of consciousness,
particularly consciousness of pain, could be maintained by a body after
decapitations …Petit, the chief surgeon at Lyon’s Hotel-Dieu,
emphatically denied this in his Discourse on Pain (see pages 28-29).
Petit’s treatise includes a discussion of various methods of pain
relief, including opium and its various preparations; alcohol; the
application of ice; and analgesics such as ether, hartshorn, quinine,
camphor, mercury and infusions of herbs including linden, lily of the
valley, peony and valerian.”–From booksellers summary.

General Notes: Bound in a marbled paper wrapper. In good condition with some notes in
the margins; Placed in a protective wrapper.

General Notes: A scanned copy of this work is available from the Bibliothèque
Interuniversitaire de Santé, Paris (BIU Santé) at https://www2.biusante.

General Notes: List of other works sold by publisher at end.