Royal Humane Society. Annual report, 1799.

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Catalog Record: Royal Humane Society. Annual report, 1799.

Title: Annual report, 1799 / by W. Hawes.

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Author: Hawes, William, 1736-1808.

Corp. Author: Royal Humane Society (London, England).

WLM Call Number: WO 250 R810 1799 RB

Accession NO.: 9425

Publisher: London : J. Nichols, 1799.

Physical Description: 92 p. ; 20 cm.

Provenance: Autographed presentation copy from John Coakley Lettsom to Samuel
Latham Mitchill numbered 11.

Subject: Drowning.
Subject: Royal Humane Society.
Subject: Near Drowning.
Subject: Resuscitation.
Subject: Resuscitation – methods.
Subject: Death, Apparent.

Abstract: This report was compiled by the founder of the society, William Hawes.
The contents include directories of the society, financial reports,
miscellaneous reports, and translations on the resuscitation of the
apparently dead. Hawes notes that between 1774 and 1799, 2,319 lives
had been saved.

General Notes: At head of title: Royal Humane Society, 1774, established for the
restoration of human life, when suspended by various kinds of
accidental and sudden death, viz. drowning, strangling, apoplexy,
suffocation, and by the noxious vapours of mines, caverns, &c. intense
cold, and the tremendous stroke of lightning.

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General Notes: Royal Humane Society Annual Reports for 1798 and 1799 are bound in one